WP 2.2KW Single Phase Solar Pump Inverter with MPPT Max DC input 440V

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2.2KW  SPC Solar Pump Inverter with MPPT  Max DC input 440V

Model SPC-2K2-L11
Product Attributes Water Proof
AC input voltage(V) 220-240
Max DC input voltage(V)  440
Star-up voltage(V) 200
Lowest working voltage(V) 150
Recommended DC input voltage range(V) 200-400
Recommended MPPT voltage(V) 330
Rated output voltage(V) 220 single phase
Output frequency range(HZ) 0-400
MPPT efficiency 99%
Environment temperature  -10°C-+50°C, If above 40°C,derate 2% for every additional 1°C
Altitude Below 1000m, If above 1000m,derate 1% for every additional 100m.
Cooling manner Fan cooling
Rated output power 2.2KW
Rated input current (A) 24
Rated output current (A) 14

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