Some customers do not know much about solar controllers, in the choice of PMW and MPPT Solar Controller is very entangled, completely do not know how to choose, Solar controller manufacturers Why should be such a sub-point.
Today's small part here to explain to you the difference and choice of the two. 1. The difference between PWM controller and MPPT Solar Controller is that they charge differently, and PWM is charged in three-stage charging mode.
MPPT is the most power tracking technology, charging efficiency can be increased to about 30%. 2, the power of the solar panel is small, the choice of PWM controller is more appropriate.
Relatively speaking, if the power of the solar panel is a large choice of mppt Solar Controller, because the cost of MPPT Solar Controller is high, if your solar panel power is small and choose Mppt controller is a bit wasteful. 3, MPPT Solar Controller when used, the use of high-voltage solar panels before the low-voltage battery charging, the charging efficiency will be more obvious.
If the voltage of solar energy and battery is the same, for example, it is 12V, then the difference between PWM and MPPT controller is not very large. From the solar controller itself to understand, then when you choose the controller is no longer confused, I hope the small explanation will be difficult to help you.
Mppt solar charge controller

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