What kind of controller to use for household power generation, depending on your configuration, the controller used for home solar power generation has a small off-grid solar charging controller and grid-connected controller.


Here are some instructions for these 2 types of controllers.

One: Small off-grid solar charging and discharging controller As the name implies, is used for small off-grid solar power generation system, there are PWM controller and MPPT controller is generally used for edge mountain lighting, communication lighthouse, video surveillance, off-grid solar system characteristics, is an independent individual, the general power is not big, up to about 3000W of solar panels, matching batteries for energy storage, Daytime energy storage, discharge at night. Others are used as home emergency lighting, easy to carry, small power, solar panels up to about 200W, for emergency use when power outages.


This type of solar charge and discharge controller is the largest 48v/60a, there are PWM and mppt 2 technical forms of charging mode, generally using moisture-proof paint treatment, do not do full waterproofing process.

Two: Grid-connected Solar Controller Grid-connected photovoltaic controller is commonly said to be a programmable grid-connected power generation system for the controller. The system back-end control programmable grid-connected power generation system requires a controller, mainly for active/reactive power control of the grid and linkage with the local power grid. Photovoltaic controller because the main role in the front end of the inverter, grid-connected bidirectional inverter mainly acts on the back end of the inverter, will not conflict.

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